EVO trike

Trike engineering

2-1 trike

We chose a 2 wheels up front, 1 in back layout over the traditional 1-2 trike configuration for its superior handling, stability, and rollover resistance.


With the weight biased towards the rear of the vehicle and a high torque to the rear wheel, the trike inherently oversteers. However, thanks to a wide track and a long wheel base, EVOs trikes are tuned to slight minimise oversteer for aggressive but safe cornering.

Rollover Resistance

A vehicle's ability to resist rolling over is largely dictated by the height of the center of gravity and track width (distance between side by side wheels). Because braking forces can reach greater levels than acceleration forces (3 wheels working in braking and only 1 or 2 wheels working in acceleration), the 2-1 layout has the best rollover resistance of the two designs. With a center of gravity close to the ground and a wide track, EVO trike have uncompromising stability and cornering capability.

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