2F1R reverse trike

Starter Kit

Starter kit (without power train)

Start your own Rayvolution with the basics for less than £ 4000.

Starter Kit parts

Items included in the stage 1 kit :

  • starter pack
  • coil cover dampers and spring
  • special radiator (oil and water) with pipes
  • braided brake lines with master cylinder
  • gear control morse cable
  • rear lamp bracket
  • pair of cycle wings

Factory Built EVO

Hurry to have fun? Factory Built EVO is the aswer! Check out the Factory Built kit on the kit car page.

Optionnal items for stage 1 kit :

  • Mazda MX-5 front hub blasted and primed (not new) X2
  • pedal box
  • throttle cable, clutch cable
  • handbrake lever
  • handbrake cable and caliper
  • set of l head lamps
  • LED rear light x2
  • LED rear indicator x2
  • 305mm Spal fan (pusher)
  • bucket seat
  • front grill
  • mirrors

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Starter kit

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Intermediate kit

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Full kit

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